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Welcome to Acute Homoeo Clinic

Dr Shital Shah’s contribution in the field of teaching homoeopathy at Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College has helped shape her role as an inspiring affectionate teacher.

She joined as a lecturer and over a period of 20 years of teaching and conducting lectures for undergraduates as Well as postgraduates; has risen to the designation of an professor, H.O.D [Head of department] and guide. She teaches and inspiring students and giving guidance how to study  homoeopathy at her own clinic also. She also makes the future homoeopaths visualise the materia   medica by sharing and letting them explore her personal cases as well as cases of other great stalwards.

A leading classical homoeopathic practitioner and teacher in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is practising homoeopathy for the past 20 yrs and is specially recognized for her cures in chronic cases- esp pedidiatric and female.

She worked with Dr.Bhaskar Bhatt and Dr.L.M.Khan and acquired clinical experience of treating various chronic ailments.